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André Rossel-Kirschen has passed away

He was born on 15/08/1926 in Bucharest, and died on 29/12/2007 in Paris

Best known as an editor and historian, Kirschen was also one of the first resistance fighters ans took up arms against the Nazis during the Occupation, at the age of fifteen.

As an author, he wrote about the struggles of this period.

We pay tribute to his work, his insistence on truth, his commitment to ensuring that the memory of those with whom he lived through our painful times should not fade.

His works include :

Le procès de la Maison de la Chimie, du 7 au 14 avril 1942 :
Contribution à l'histoire des débuts de la résistance armée en France, (
l'Harmattan 2002)

Céline et le grand mensonge, (Mille et une nuits)

And also :

Eté 1936 : Cent jours du front populaire

His final work was devoted to the fight to restore the place of Bernard Natan in the history of the French film industry.

Pathé Natan la véritable histoire, (Pilote 24)

Working with Les Indépendants du Premier Siècle, André made a significant contribution to work throwing new light on the obscure periods of French cinema during the Occupation.


A biography is devoted to him on the site  Mémoire et Espoirs de la résistance

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